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2 Fashion Trends From The 80s That Should Stay Dead

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In recent years, a number of fashion hits from the 1980s have reemerged, enjoying mainstream popularity all over again. Leg warmers, lacy skirts, leggings and obnoxiously bright neon shades can be readily observed at high school and college campuses across the nation right this very moment – and, for the most part, these modern interpretations of these classic trends are looking pretty “gnarly” and “radical”. There are, however, some styles from the aforementioned decade that should never be resurrected for any reason, under any circumstances. So, which ones should you avoid like the plague?

(1) Giant, towering mountains of mercilessly teased, excessively hairsprayed locks do not need to make a comeback. This look isn’t particularly flattering on anyone, and it can actually cause damage to a person’s hair if they don’t handle the operation carefully enough. Could you imagine the teenagers and young adults of today wearing their hair like Melanie Griffith and Joan Cusack did in Working Girl? It’s a hilarious thought (and a hideous one). Sometimes, we find ourselves wondering how a certain trend ever rose to popularity in the first place, and this is definitely one such occasion. Ick!

(2) At some point in the 80s, every fashionable ensemble for women included a massive pair of shoulder pads. Designers insisted that raising and broadening ladies’ shoulders with the bulky pads would make them look powerful and chic. Even today, there are still a few designers trying desperately to make these darn things hip! Generally, though, the public isn’t buying it (and thank goodness for that). Wildly exaggerated shoulders may have a special place in our memories of the 1980s or in present day avant-garde fashion collections, but these sorts of strange “enhancements” aren’t particularly sexy or practical for the average gal to wear. As a rule, if there’s any padding material shaping the shoulders of a garment, it should be tasteful and subtle padding that doesn’t draw tons of attention to itself.

Trusting your gut instincts in regard to snazzy styles is a good rule of thumb (unless you’re sure you have absolutely no fashion sense whatsoever, in which case it can be very helpful to ask a stylish friend). If you feel ugly or uncomfortable in one ensemble, continue exploring different options until something clicks inside your head and, suddenly, the outfit feels right. You can be cute and sassy and wickedly stylish without adopting every trend, every time. Think twice (or thrice) when unsettling oddities like shoulder pads and horrifying bouffant hairdos manage to snag their 15 minutes of fame. Once those 15 minutes have passed, you’ll be able to sit back and breathe a sigh of relief as others are left to wonder, “What on Earth was I thinking?”

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Covering Your Acne with Makeup

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When you have a face covered in acne there’s nothing that you want to do more than hide it. A natural reaction might be using makeup in order to cover up your blemishes. Unfortunately, a lot of people find out firsthand the dangers of this approach. If you don’t do it properly, you can accidentally clog your pores and end up with worse skin than you started off with. It’s a frustrating cycle that happens to many people who are new to the world of acne. There are no guarantees that makeup won’t make things worse, but using care and attention can go a long way. By picking the right products and using solid techniques there’s no reason why you can’t cover up your acne with great-looking makeup until you find a more permanent solution.

It all starts with your foundation so this is one product you need to concentrate on. There are several key factors to look for and one of them is consistency. In general, a liquid foundation will cover up acne better but this also creates a greater chance of clogging your pores. Rubbing liquid foundation into your skin on a daily basis can put a lot of stress on your face. It’s a lot better to try a mineral makeup that goes on lightly and can be applied with a brush. This way you can keep the process hygienic without constantly rubbing your face with a greasy liquid.

Another key factor to consider is the color of your skin and how it matches your foundation. It should go without saying but you need something that matches as closely as possible. Finding something that works is a lot more difficult however, and you’ll need to be prepared for a period of experimentation. Thankfully you can get samples from a variety of sources to test out on your skin. You can also go to your local cosmetics store to get a professional assessment. One handy approach is to pick three colors that you think will work the best and then bring them home for some personal testing. Don’t forget to apply them in various forms of lighting to see the difference as well.

Once you have a good foundation you can put an acne concealer on top of it. Both the foundation should be enough to cover your acne, at least when it comes to redness or discoloration. Sometimes it’s a lot harder to hide bumps and you might just have to live with them. You’ll be able to find normal or medicated acne concealers, and some of them are handy at giving you full day acne fighting coverage. Just keep in mind that if you’re also using a medicated cleanser and night cream, you don’t necessarily want to overdo it with even more chemicals with your concealer. Otherwise you could dry out your skin and make it a lot harder to prevent future outbreaks.

Keep in mind that makeup is only a temporary solution and even if you find the perfect combination, you still have acne underneath. Dealing with how to get rid of blackheads and acne takes preventative medicine and a regular routine you maintain on a daily basis. There are genetic factors as well which lead to more serious forms, and a dermatologist should be consulted if that’s your experience. For more advice on general blemishes and skin care you can read more about how to get rid of acne.

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Monokini Swimsuits: Stylish since 1964

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Monokini History

Back in 1964, Rudi Gernreich, an Austrian American fashion designer, invented a garment in the U.S. that was considered one of the most scandalous garments ever, given that the main design of the swimsuit was topless with very dainty fabric at the bottom. It was also Rudi Gernreich who first used the word monokini to describe his design. Despite the negative stir caused by this scandalous piece, over 3000 of Rudi’s monokinis were sold by the end of the year for only $25 per suit.

The Modern Monokini

After the rise of monokinis, designers slowly came up with unique designs and developed creations that portray the core meaning of monokinis. During their early stage, monokinis were just a one piece with two halter straps and a very thin fabric for the bottom. Today, monokinis still offer a very sexy look to any woman that puts one on. They are now available in a wide variety of colors, styles, cutouts, and prints. There are plain colored monokinis that come in both pale and deep shades of blue, green, pink, red, black, and white. There are also those that have fun and chic prints like cute floral prints, polka dots, leopard or cheetah prints, lines, and many more.

Monokini swimsuits are also embellished stylishly in other ways. Some have rings as connectors while other monokini swimsuits have thin and stylishly made fabric that connect the top to the bottom. Some look simply chic with smaller cutouts on the sides of the stomach while others look sophisticated with an asymmetrical cutout in the stomach area. There are other monokinis that look fiercely elegant in one shoulder straps and sweetheart necklines. Other monokinis have plunging necklines and halter-tops that show off broad shoulders.


Prices for monokinis vary greatly. Cheap monokinis can be bought for as low as $35 but there are more expensive monokinis with unique fabrics that may cost up to $100.

How to Shop for Monokinis

Shopping for monokinis is quite tricky. There may be hundreds of monokini choices in the market but not all of them can fit well to every body type. The main factor that you need to consider when buying monokinis is your body type. Always choose those with an underwire bra and maximum support if you have bigger breasts. Avoid wearing sweetheart necklines if you have smaller breasts and opt for those with halter tops or strapless tops instead. On the other hand, if you have short legs, opt for those monokinis with longer cuts on the sides of the legs and go for those with shorter cuts if you have longer and leaner legs. With monokini swimsuits, you can always find ways to accentuate your womanly figure and hide your flaws.

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